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Ethereal Vessel

Distance Spiritual Cleanse | Release all that holds you back | Limpia de Distancia | Road Opener

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Distance Limpia

When's the last time you had a Spiritual Cleanse aka Limpia? Has it been over 6 months? And/or you noticed heaviness, tiredness, feeling stuck, foggy thoughts, and things aren't moving forward? If you answered yes to any of these - this is for you! 

This is a Distance Spiritual Cleanse, where I will be able to cleanse you spiritually and will be able to remove spiritual parasites | maggots.

What are these parasites? Spiritual parasites or maggots from a religious context are, “heavy energies” that brings on lust, depression, anxieties, and other low vibrational energies and feelings. Spiritual Parasites are usually transmitted through S.E.X, Spiritual Energy Exchange, and are initiated through traumas. Trauma is an emotionally shocking occurrence following a stressful event. There's people who attract them more than others due to their energetic points being out of balance or due to passed down ancestral traumas. This is why limpias are very important on a regular basis to remove what doesn't serve you and to align your energetic points aka Chakras and for you to began healing your ancestral traumas.

Limpias, are done on odd calendar dates for example 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or dates that add up to odd numbers. The limpia varies on what the reading tell me ~ I use many different methods such as Tobacco(Puro), Mezcal, 7 bitter herbs, an Egg sweep, Coconut, or ALL if you have heavy obstacles.


🚩 The Photo is used as a representation of you and as If you were right front of me.

Price is per person. You must purchase per person to provide the 3 things I need. Everyone carries different energy and is dealing with different obstacles and will be dealt differently during the cleanse ~ which is why I am not doing family pack.  I've kept the price very affordable since I will be working with many as a pair; if I see heavy obstacles your work will be separated and a petition will be placed for you.

🚩 You will get a mini reading 'please set aside 3 mins for the call' the reading is for me to understand your situation and to know what type of limpia (spiritual cleanses) you will need. 🚩

Info need:
1. Full name
2. Date of Birth
3. Photo via email:

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◻️ Will I ship anything: No. All of my work is performed on my altar - No work will be shipped.

◻️ Timeframe: Limpia(s) are performed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays or odd days based on your mini reading.

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Delilah Ko is a trained “Curandera” healer, a “Yerbera” herbalist in Forth Worth & Dallas, Texas while also offering virtual services.  Delilah, practices El Curanderismo which is a holistic approach to wellness that has been used in the Americas,Pre- and Post-contact, for hundreds of years. Her practice also includes Ancestral Knowledge and Ancestral Medicine also known as 'Medicina del campo'.