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Ethereal Vessel

Phone Platica (Heart Felt Talk) with Delilah || 1-on-1 Phone Platica (It will include a Tobacco Reading)

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Need a Heart-Straightening talk 1-on-1 via Phone Call - Where you vocalize and release what's heavy in the heart and soul?

These talks bring healing, purification, renewal, and/or rebirth.  I help you purge toxic emotions and imbalances and allows you to stand in your own power.  Platicas help us determine what kind of limpia is necessary.  The curadera/o job is to address the mind, body, spirit and soul. 


We've all come to a point in our life in which we are feeling lost and/or in search of ourselves and it's okay to reach out to those we look up to and/or search for a Spiritual Mentor that can help us. These platicas are perfect for women and men on the verge of a breakthrough (Spiritual Awakening) or going through heavy changes and needing a deep heart felt talk.


Each call is for 60 mins and can be purchased as 1 call or in more than 1 call. Customers who have had platicas with me to know I am all about Healing, Evolution and Growth.

 I do use the a Puro (Cigar - Tobacco) known as an Ancestral reading to be able to connect with the spirit world. 

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A big thank you!

I came across Delilah's through a TikTok live she was part. She blow my mind with all that she knows. She is Woke - Woke. 8 days ago I booked a platica to know what I should do with my wife who has been dealing with depressed and anxieties for the last 6 months. I was booked fast and her words were spot on with what my wife was going through. I was given names of herbs to use and what time they needed to be taken and the days I had to boil the herbs for my wife to wash her body. On the 3rd day my wife began feeling better. I had my doubt at first but I took my chances to better my wife's state of mind. I'm now a true believer, that there's a spiritual world we not all understand and they're healers like Delilah that understand it very well. It's now 6 days and my wife is sleeping better. We will be driving to Fort Worth in 2 weeks for my wife to get an alignment & harmony massage by Delilah.

My wife and I are thankful for your services, Delilah.

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Delilah Ko is a trained “Curandera” healer, a “Yerbera” herbalist in Forth Worth & Dallas, Texas while also offering virtual services.  Delilah, practices El Curanderismo which is a holistic approach to wellness that has been used in the Americas,Pre- and Post-contact, for hundreds of years. Her practice also includes Ancestral Knowledge and Ancestral Medicine also known as 'Medicina del campo'.